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See in Puisaye-Forterre, Burgundy

The Puisaye-Forterre, between Burgundy and Loire valley, has a rich heritage and natural heritage.
The Castles of Saint Fargeau, Druyes les Belles Fontaines and Ratilly recall this historical past. Puisaye is also the region that has been chosen for the adventure of medieval Guédelon Chantier.
Puisaye is also hiking trails, small roads to explore by bike or motorcycle, with its typical villages and farmhouses.
Colette often described the Puisaye. And we find this whole atmosphere Colette's Museum and in his family home in Saint Sauveur.
And around this Puisaye, there are the vineyards of the Auxerrois ( Irancy, Coulanges-la-Vineuse, Saint Bris) of Chablis and Sancerre.
The historic towns and villages such as Vezelay, Auxerre, Avallon, Clamecy, surround this Puisaye.

Guedelon Chantier Medieval

Pontigny abbey

Abbey Pontigny is one of the finest Cistercian churches of France.
Second daughter of Citeaux, it was founded in 1114 on the borders of Champagne and the Duchy of Burgundy.
It is the transition from Romanesque and Gothic. The nave received the first ribbed vault of Burgundy.

Chablis vineyards

world famous vineyards, Chablis is a small town with a rich architectural heritage:
The collegiate church of Saint Martin
's Obédiancerie
Le Petit Pontigny cellar and two presses with a slaughter of the twelfth century.
Castle of Saint-Fargeau

Created by the Xth s Héribert Bishop of Auxerre and brother of Hugh Capet, it was enlarged by Jacques Coeur and Great Demoiselle among others.
Atypical with its pentagon shape and corner towers, the courtyard was designed by Le Vau
Castle of Ancy-le-Franc

Palace renaissance Serlio designed by architect Francois 1er, it is the unique French castle formed a perfect square around a courtyard.
Inside the remarkable murals and a decoration made by the masters of the School of Fontainebleau are its wealth.
Castle of Tanlay

One of the finest Renaissance castles of Burgundy, it was built in the sixteenth and seventeenth s the Coligny family.
Particelli Hemery, near the Cardinal Mazarin, gave him his appearance actuates with the help of the architect Le MUET.
The Tower of the League, with its frescoes and trompe l'oeil room are the key pieces.
The park and its large channel complete the visit.
Avallon town

Perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Avallon Cousin Valley.
City with a tumultuous past, the old town preserves vestiges of that era: fortified gates, ramparts, bastions bartizans, towers and numerous old houses.
The Collegiate Church of Saint Lazarus (twelfth century) has two beautiful Romanesque portals.
Joigny town

Joigny opens the door of Burgundy and the medieval old city includes the largest collections of timbered houses of Burgundy including many carved sixteenth century.
Many mansions of the eighteenth century are present in the old city of Joigny.
Noyers sur Serein town

medieval town surrounded by ramparts and towers, when switching its fortified gates, you immerse into the Middle Ages with its narrow streets and wooden houses.
Auxerre town

Capital Yonne and Evéché, Auxerre has many monuments related to its history: Saint Stephen's Cathedral, Abbey Saint Germain with the oldest murals of France...
city center on a hill at the edge of the Yonne custody of his past alleys and vigils typical houses.
Vezelay village

UNESCO World Heritage Site preaching of the first crusade by Saint Bernard, Vézelay is a village perched on a hill and winds its narrow streets lined with old houses, mansions or Renaissances seventeenth and eighteenth.
At the top, overlooking the Basilica Sainte Madeleine.
Abbey of la Pierre qui Vire

In full Morvan forest, this Benedictine monastery was founded in 1850.
Druyes les Belles Fontaines Castle

fortified castle of the Counts of Auxerre and Nevers, built in the twelfth sc, it stands on the hill overlooking the valley.
Ratilly Castle

Built in the thirteenth sc, this castle will cross the Hundred Years war and religious war, becoming den of thieves bands.
After changing regularly owner, it will be bought by the Pierlot who will make the first Centre of Contemporary Art in the 50s.
Tonnerre Town

Capital of the Count of Clermont-Tonnere, thunder benefited from their wealth as can attest to the many particiliers hotels and the Hotel-Dieu created by Margaret of Burgundy.
The Fosse Dionne is a source Vaucluse.
Colette Museum

Museum of Colette in his native village at Saint Saviour: Exhibitions, Colette apartment at the Royal Palace and just off the House Colette
Vineyard of Irancy

Vineyard south of Auxerre is one of the oldest vineyards of which we find traces in the Roman era. Typical wine village
Vineyard Coulanges the Vineuse

Vineyard south of Auxerre on the left bank of the Yonne. It offers red wines made from Pinot Noir and a majority of white wines made from Chardonnay or Aligoté.
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